Mayor Bill Beamish

    DOWNLOAD A COPY OF: “Living Water Smart in British Columbia: Team Sunshine Coast – A Regional Approach to Water Security” – released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in October 2022

    “Former Mayor Barry Janyk was a strong leader who advocated for smart growth planning and the environment in an era before other people were talking about it. Gibsons was tied in with the smart growth work of Patrick Condon at UBC. And we were looking at models for climate change and sea level rise back when I was CAO. This community has continued to be a leader. The work of Councils and staff since 2011 in the area of natural assets is a continuation of the work started by Mayor Barry Janyk and others,” stated current Mayor Bill Beamish.

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    TEAM SUNSHINE COAST: “We can all agree that water is important, that water needs to be protected, and we need to do that sooner rather than later,” stated Mayor Bill Beamish, Town of Gibsons, when he reflected on outcomes flowing from the Watershed Dialogue

    “It was not just the elected leaders of the three local governments doing the talking. The stewardship sector, Squamish First Nations and provincial government were represented too. Now, as a direct outcome of the Dialogue, the Sunshine Coast Regional District is looking at creating an aquifer protection area in concert with the Town of Gibsons. A second important outcome is the building of a relationship between Town staff and the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association. It was a milestone for us to collaborate with them in planning for the Watershed Dialogue,” stated Mayor Bill Beamish.

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