Convening for Action in British Columbia

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Water, Water Everywhere…..

Rainwater harvesting workshops held in Vancouver and Victoria in mid-2005 were part of a national series. Peter Coombes (from Australia) was the featured speaker at the Vancouver event.

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Rainwater Harvesting on the West Coast: Klaus Koenig impresses Victoria audience

The program for the 2005 Rainwater Harvesting Workshop in Victoria was built around Klaus Koenig, German architect and consulting engineer. Klaus has been extensively involved with the subject of rainwater utilization for 20 years. The author of several books in German on the subject, his first English book on rainwater recycling, 'The Rainwater Technology Handbook, Rain Harvesting in Building', was published in 2001.

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2005 Penticton Workshop introduces “Water OUT = Water IN”

“This full-day technical transfer session connected the dots between water resource planning, climate variability and risk management; and explored the tools and techniques available through demand-side management,” stated Kim Stephens. “The workshop introduced a number of key concepts that we intend to build upon.”

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Convening for Action Launched at Okanagan Conference

“The 3-day Okanagan Conference organized by the Canadian Water Resources Association in February 2005 was the kick-off event for a sustained education process that is designed to broaden the province-wide base for this shared vision: In a fully integrated landscape, water is the unifying element,” stated Ron Smith.

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ARTICLE: Thinking Outside the Pipe: 2005 Rainwater Harvesting Workshop Series resonates with British Columbians

“Drawing on the experience of two international
experts, workshops held in Vancouver and in Victoria connected the dots between why harvest rainwater and how to cost-effectively implement rainwater collection, storage, treatment and delivery systems. Delegates left the workshops with a new understanding of the similarities in the challenges we now face in BC to those that Australians, Germans, Japanese and others are beginning to overcome,” wrote Colwyn Sunderland.

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