Celebrating a Decade of Success

CELEBRATING A DECADE OF SUCCESS: Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia – released in 2004, it built on A Water Conservation Strategy for British Columbia and holistically linked water management with land use, development and resource production

The genesis for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia dates back to March 2003 when the vision and partnership concept first took shape for doing a 5-year update on A Water Conservation Strategy for British Columbia, released in 1998. “Sustainable communities are all about choices – choices that become reality very quickly, with lasting consequences. In the years ahead, much will depend on getting the choices right in British Columbia, especially in those communities that are experiencing growth and/or renewal,” states Lynn Kriwoken.

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CELEBRATING A DECADE OF SUCCESS: Mission Possible is ‘Settlement, Economy and Ecology in Balance’

“Major breakthroughs happen when decision-makers in government work with grass-roots visionaries in the community to create the future desired by all. Collaboration grows from a shared vision about the future and commitment to action. This is the ‘top down and bottom up’ approach,” states Eric Bonham. “It is about turning the whole game around to ‘design with nature’ as a consistent approach to development and redevelopment, urban infrastructure practices, and protection/restoration of stream and watershed health.”

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CELEBRATING A DECADE OF SUCCESS: ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ tells the stories of the champions who are implementing a new culture for urban watershed protection and restoration in British Columbia

Beyond the Guidebook 2010 is a ‘telling of the stories’ of how change is being implemented on the ground in British Columbia. The practitioner and community culture is changing as an outcome of collaboration, partnerships and alignment. Changing the culture requires a process. This takes time to complete. “It is a great resource, well written. Down to earth, and in line with what the Water Sustainability Action Plan speaks about – connecting the dots and giving useful tools and road maps for success. It is an easy read, and captivating with the stories, quotes and pictures,” states Kathy Bishop.

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CELEBRATING A DECADE OF SUCCESS: “Build on the past and look to the future,” says Raymond Fung

“Over the last 10 years, the Partnership has accomplished much. Through a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Environment, we developed the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia, which provided the framework for our work.Yet, much still remains to be accomplished,” states Raymond Fung. “By 2010, the aspirations of the group were exceeding the support that BCWWA was able to provide. So by mutual consent, the original Water Sustainability Committee transformed itself into an independent, non-profit Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.”

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CELEBRATING A DECADE OF SUCCESS: Year-long celebration of BC’s Water Sustainability Action Plan kicked off at Partnership’s 2013 AGM

“The Partnership embraces shared responsibility and is committed to advancing water sustainability planning and implementation in British Columbia. We are in for the long haul.  Watersheds are fundamental to our settlements. By working to balance watershed health with settlement prosperity, communities can sustain their well-being,” stated Tim Pringle. “The Partnership for Water Sustainability established its Convening for Action initiative to support communities to understand this equation and move to implementation.”

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