Turning Ideas Into Action

Inter-Association Collaboration: Convening for Action Launched at ‘Okanagan Conference’ Organized By CWRA in 2005

“The Kelowna conference was an important first step in focusing stakeholder attention on the decisions that need to be made now if we are to move towards sustainable water management in BC. Inter-association collaboration is an essential ingredient if collectively we are to create the province-wide momentum that will result in substantive change related to water management and use,” stated Don Degen. In the spirit of inter-association collaboration, the Water Sustainability Committee of the BCWWA provided the core content for Day Three of the 3-day conference.

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Convening for Action in British Columbia: Turning Ideas Into Action

“Our focus is on education as the means for shifting practice in BC to address water use as an integral part of land use. We place emphasis on practitioner education. An integral part of the process is to create a picture of what the future landscape can look like. If we agree on where we wish to be in one or two generations, then we can map out the route to get there,” states Kim Stephens. “Coordination of ‘convening for action’ events generates momentum in two ways: each event builds on the last event and paves the way for the next; and coordination ensures consistent messaging.”

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