2016 thru 2020

TURNING IDEAS INTO ACTION: “Water as a Form-maker,” an op-ed by Tim Pringle, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia

“Nature shapes landscapes, and harbours ecological assets that support human settlements. Our communities and enterprises have an uneasy relationship with this master form-maker. Why this tension when it is in human nature to respond to the run of the land, the palette of flora, and sensations stirred by wind, water, wildlife and other whims of nature?” wrote Tim Pringle. “This axiom must be true; human settlement cannot exist without a supporting, healthy ecology as is the case for all living systems.”

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Turning Ideas Into Action: Environment Deputy Minister lauds work of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC

“The work of the Partnership is supporting the Province’s Living Water Smart vision and Green Communities initiative. In particular the Partnership’s efforts to bring together five regional districts—Metro Vancouver, Capital Region, Cowichan Region, Nanaimo Region and Comox Valley—to implement the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Educational Initiative (IREI) has been particularly successful. This program is effectively demonstrating how to align regional and local actions with the provincial policy, program and regulatory framework,” wrote Wes Shoemaker.

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