Regional Events

2009 Metro Vancouver Water Balance Model Forum: Living Water Smart and Making Green Choices to Create Liveable Communities and Protect Stream Health

The forum promoted moving beyond pilot projects to a watershed-based approach to achieving performance targets for rainwater management and green infrastructure. “We envisioned that the Surrey Forum would be a transformational event and a catalyst for action. One of our goals is to implement an educational program in Metro Vancouver that would be modelled on the Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Series,” stated Raymond Fung.

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Rainwater Management and Green Infrastructure: Reduce Your ‘Hydrologic Footprint’ and Protect Stream Health

The technical program for the 2009 BC Ground Water Association Convention included a session on water sustainability so that the groundwater community would be informed about provincial initiatives underway in BC, and the implications for groundwater. “In speaking to a groundwater-oriented audience, my objective was to connect the dots between land development activities and groundwater protection,” stated Kim Stephens.

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“Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation Series on Vancouver Island” features community-scale projects

“The vision is that the Showcasing Innovation Series can play an integrating role to cut across disciplines and ultimately serve as a catalyst to create Ministry of community development – dale wall, deputy minister neighbourhoods that integrate both good planning and innovative engineering designs, for overall greater sustainability….environmental, social and economic,” stated Dale Wall.

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Building Green in a Changing Climate

“The roundtable discussion was a direct request from the provincial sponsor – Green Buildings BC – as they wanted to get a better understanding of costs and capacity around green buildings: from residential to commercial, institutional and government. The intent of this discussion was to get a cross-dialogue going on between builders, designers and the Province,” stated Vivian Dean.

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Vancouver Island Learning Lunch Seminar Series promotes consistent provincial approach to rainwater management and green infrastructure

Vancouver Island is the pilot region for implementing Beyond the Guidebook: The New Business As Usual through a precedent-setting approach to continuing education for local government practitioners. “Each series comprises three sessions that provide an inter-departmental learning opportunity for collaborative exploration. Each series is conducted as a cumulative process, from philosophy to tools,” stated Kate Miller.

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