Tools and Resources

Okanagan Sustainable Water Strategy

“The Sustainable Water Strategy is grounded in action. Twelve high-level Guiding Principles for water management and policy provide a framework for the Strategy. The key action items were developed respecting these Guiding Principles,” explained Anna Warwick Sears.

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Rainwater Management in Sooke: District develops BC’s first ‘Liquid Waste Management Plan for Rainwater’

“Because Sooke is a small municipality with limited financial resources, we have had to pare down and make the plans practical in order to be affordable. Again, networking and collaboration are making it possible for us to do this effectively. Rainwater Management Plans provide a framework for the development of on-the-ground solutions for the management of rainwater at a watershed scale,” reported Laura Byrne.

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‘Convening for Action in British Columbia’ – a provincial initiative to advance water-centric planning

“When we gather, it is for a purpose. There must be an action item or an outcome. Our aim is to move from talk to action by developing tools, providing training, and building capacity,” stated Kim Stephens. “Beyond the Guidebook 2010. This is the telling of the stories of how change is being implemented on the ground by local governments and community partners.”

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Convening for Action in British Columbia: ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ connects the dots between South Okanagan and Vancouver Island

The South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy provided the first opportunity to test the ‘convening for action’ approach. That experience has been adapted in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. The cross-fertilization process has now come full circle. “Convening for Action’s influence was apparent in documentation (including graphics) and corporate knowledge used in producing the Regional Growth Strategy plan,” reported Bryn White.

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