2011 thru 2015

“Clearly, the website is a ‘go-to’ resource for many,” observes Mike Tanner, Chair

“The website is designed to provide the complete story on integrated land and water management – why, what, where and how. Because we have such a strong following in the United States, we do make a special effort to include American stories. We cannot help but wonder about the extent to which the BC experience may be subtlety influencing thinking in the United States,” states Mike Tanner.

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FLASHBACK TO 2005 (Video): Launch of website announced by the Province of British Columbia at Penticton Conference

“Local governments and others can share success stories, information, practical tools and ideas about water sustainability and conservation. “This is another major step forward to ensuring British Columbians have access to safe, clean and abundant water supplies. This resource will allow those responsible for water management to develop tools and programs that address water sustainability and to share their knowledge and successes with others,” stated the Hon. Bill Barisoff.

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