Flashback to 2006: Under John Wagner’s leadership, UBC-Okanagan began a tradition of celebrating World Water Day

Dr. John Wagner (photo) has been responsible for bringing life to the World Water Day celebrations at UBC-Okanagan University. “2006 was our first WWD at UBCO and Kim Stephens was the first in what became a long line of distinguished speakers! In his presentation, Kim focused on the integrating role that the Water Sustainability Action Plan plays in implementing the Convening for Action initiative through regional partnerships,” states John Wagner.

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Showcasing the Soft Path to Water-Centric Sustainability at the Building SustainAble Communities Conference

“Sustainability is a buzzword. We hear it daily…but what does it mean in the community context? The Building SustainAble Communities conference, held in Kelowna, provided a timely opportunity for three leading British Columnbian proponents of water-centric sustainability to collaborate in explaining what it means to move along the “soft path” of water use in neighbourhoods and communities,” stated organizer Joanne deVries.

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Freshwater for the Future National Initiative: May 2006 Conference held in Quebec

The Policy Research Initiative held a 3-day conference on the future of freshwater policies in Gatineau, Quebec. “Instead of looking at water as a product, alternative approaches to water management consider water as one Gatineau conference – cate soroczanmeans for providing a service – and not always the only or even the best one. This session explored various perspectives on water management,” stated Cate Soroczan, chair of a panel that included two BC perspectives.

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