DOWNLOAD: Shared Responsibility Underpins a Regional Team Approach to Creating Our Future in British Columbia

“Policy and legal tools can help developers, regulators and designers collaborate to implement green infrastructure solutions and ensure responsible outcomes. Each party in the process has a responsibility. There are solutions to be found if all parties simply talk to each other about how they could all work together more effectively,” stated Susan Rutherford.

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DOWNLOAD: “Design with Nature” philosophy guides Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia

“In practical terms, what designing with nature means…is essentially a restatement of Smart Growth principles. We find that people intuitively understand what designing with nature means. It is non-threatening,” stated Ray Fung. “What we found is that the term Smart Growth is sometimes highly charged and political. People often get their backs up because they associate ‘smart growth’ as being all about imposing higher density development. We find that people intuitively understand what designing with nature means. It is non-threatening.”

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DOWNLOAD: Stormwater Management, Low Impact Development, Sustainable Drainage, Green Infrastructure, RAINwater Management…. what is an appropriate term to use?

“It is important to use descriptions which are linked more closely with the objectives and ideas. Ideally, the right choice of wording will frame the concepts clearly, and provide the terminology with some longevity. Clarity will help with uptake – jargon and anachronism needs to be avoided as they can obscure the objectives and ideas,” states Robert Hicks.

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