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DOWNLOAD: Stormwater Management, Low Impact Development, Sustainable Drainage, Green Infrastructure, RAINwater Management…. what is an appropriate term to use?

“It is important to use descriptions which are linked more closely with the objectives and ideas. Ideally, the right choice of wording will frame the concepts clearly, and provide the terminology with some longevity. Clarity will help with uptake – jargon and anachronism needs to be avoided as they can obscure the objectives and ideas,” states Robert Hicks.

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ARTICLE: “Our climate is changing and 2013 is a teachable year; this creates a window of opportunity for local government action,” said Kim Stephens (published in the Globe & Mail newspaper, July 2013)

Major floods in Alberta and in the Toronto region in June-July 2013 focused attention on the benefits of green infrastructure in order to adapt to a changing climate. “We have the tools. We have the science-based understanding. We know what works and we know how to implement a design with nature approach. Install green infrastructure that restores the Water Balance. If we focus our efforts on that outcome, we can make it happen,” stated Kim Stephens.

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