ARTICLE: Sustainable Community Design: A New Approach to Rainwater Management (Innovation Magazine, June 2004)

“BC stormwater criteria and tools are receiving increasing recognition across North America because of their unique emphasis on solving both flooding and environmental problems at the source. This rethinking of traditional approaches to urban hydrology is helping to achieve higher levels of stream protection by integrating land use planning with volume-based strategies,” wrote Kim Stephens in 2004.

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GUIDANCE DOCUMENT (2004): A Natural Systems Approach to Stormwater Management – Implementing Low Impact Development at Burke Mountain

“A key feature of planned development at Burke Mountain is a low impact, ‘natural systems approach’ to stormwater management,” stated Don Moore in 2004. “To support this objective, Wesbild has developed a manual that will serve as both a policy statement and a practical guide. Our goal is to integrate practical strategies to naturally balance rainwater volume and reduce runoff from our developed land.”

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