Perspectives on the BC Approach

“The Partnership has really helped to move the bar in terms of how people deal with the water balance,” stated Councillor Judith Cullington

In February 2014, presentation of a Progress Report to the Capital Regional District created the opportunity for Councillor Judith Cullington to state that: “For many year, I have been following your work; and I have seen you build up this massive resource inventory of all kinds of information related to watersheds and a watershed-based approach to community planning.”

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A Testimonial from BC Hydro

“The Conservation Community of Practice, supported by BC Hydro, but in existence because of its members, was created to bring together like minded conservation champions across BC to collaborate and share best practices on community based conservation initiatives,” explained Pia Nagpal.

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A View from Minnesota

“I’m very impressed with how actively you are pushing Water Sustainability in BC. It’s great to see this proactive approach. I really like the ‘no nonsense, lets get this problem solved attitude’. It’s very refreshing,” stated Peter MacDonagh.

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A View from Washington State

“You do a great job of connecting dots! These dots happen to be glowing red and close together (and thus easy to connect), but you have demonstrated the ability to bring folk together that ordinarily don’t want to see dots connected. Keep up the good work,” praises Tom Holz.

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