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UBCM session on “Tools, Resources & Funding for Local Governments” informed BC elected representatives about the upcoming ‘Feast AND Famine Workshop’ (December 1 in Richmond)

“The workshop is about solutions and tools that are being developed in BC in response to a changing climate. Through collaboration, the Partnership mission is to support and enable practitioners and decision makers so that they can take action at a local level. The ultimate goal is to redistribute the annual water balance by protecting and/or restoring the three pathways by which rainfall reaches streams,” Peter Law explained to local government elected representatives.

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Build Water Resilient Communities: Partners release program overview for “Feast AND Famine Workshop” (December 1, 2015)

“The ‘new normal’ in British Columbia is drought and flooding. The summer dry season has extended on both ends and we can no longer count on a predictable snowpack and reliable rain to maintain a healthy water balance in our watersheds. Hence, this workshop on responding to a changing climate is about solutions and tools that are being developed in BC through collaboration to support practitioners and decision makers to take action at a local level,” states Mike Tanner.

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REGISTER NOW for a workshop on “Feast AND Famine! – Solutions and Tools in Response to a Changing Climate in BC” (December 1, 2015 in Richmond)

The workshop will showcase solutions and demonstrate tools that can help communities achieve a vision for water resiliency. “The Irrigation Industry Association and the Partnership for Water Sustainability are again partnering to co-host and jointly organize a workshop. This is the third consecutive year that our organizations have collaborated. The relationship has worked well. The IIABC and Partnership perspectives complement each other nicely,” states Karen van der Gulik.

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