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Unravelling the Influence of Climate: Results from Climate Corrected Water Demand

“Demand is on the decline in many communities across Canada, but how much of this is because of municipal water efficiency programs? Improvements to building codes, better appliance and fixture technology and broader changes in community behaviour and customs all have a huge impact on water consumption. So does climate,” states Kirk Stinchcombe.

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The Living Building Challenge: Make the World a Better Place

“An unexpected outcome of workshop program development is that we are shining the spotlight on The Living Building Challenge. This focus is the result of connecting with the right individuals at the right moment in time. We are excited to have both Mark Buehrer and Ron Schwenger participating. Both are leaders in the Living Building movement,” states Ted van der Gulik.

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Urban Agriculture Blossoms in Ballard, Washington – Greenfire Campus used the Living Building Challenge as its roadmap

“The innovative rainwater management approach strives to create a built condition that mimics nature through the use of features that maintain or restore a site’s natural hydrologic conditions, achieving an effective net zero amount of impervious surfaces. The Earth, just like all forms of life, needs to be able to breathe and take in water in order to maintain or restore its health,” writes Mark Buehrer.

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Rainwater Harvesting: Best Practices Guidebook for Canada’s West Coast

“The Guidebook is pragmatic. It strikes a balance between ‘too little versus too technical’ by providing information in a way that helps homeowners, builders, designers and suppliers understand what is required of them. Whether it is due to interest or regulation, it is about how to give homeowners and others the tools they need to be able to act,” states Chris Midgley.

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Changes to BC Plumbing Code Enable Rainwater Harvesting

“The BC Building Code enables innovation. Designers can propose Alternative Solutions to the Building Code. Coupled with this enabling opportunity, however, is a duty for designers to demonstrate how they are being responsible in applying an understanding of Building Science,” states Zachary May.

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