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FLASHBACK TO 2004: Developed through a precedent-setting partnership, the “Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia” launched a fresh approach for turning ideas into action

In February 2004, the BC Water Susainability Committee and Province jointly released Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia: Framework for Building Partnerships. “The action plan’s goal is to encourage implementation of integrated water sustainability
policies, plans and programs across the province. The action plan builds on the foundation provided by ‘A Water Conservation Strategy for British Columbia’, a previous partnership development. The ‘WaterBucket’ website is the key communication strategy for the action plan,” stated the Hon. Bill Barisoff, former Minister of Water, Land & Air Protection.

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2004 Consultation Workshop about “Model Subdivision Bylaw & Green Infrastructure Standards” was the launch event for British Columbia’s Green Infrastructure Partnership

According to Chuck Gale, “For the purposes of articulating what we wish to accomplish over time, our short-term and long-term efforts will be guided by the following Mission Statement: the Green Infrastructure Partnership will provide leadership by developing practical tools and instruments for green infrastructure design practices and regulation, and by encouraging their application in BC. Implementation by local governments will be voluntary, but once the decision is made to embrace green infrastructure, implementation will be by regulation. This will be a multi-step process.”

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