2013 Get Your Mind Into Gutter

Rainwater Harvesting in Canada: What Other Provinces are Doing

“Rainwater harvesting is a grass-roots initiative. The next step is that the provinces get on board. Once they do, this provides a regulatory driver. At a national scale, the purpose of the National Building Code is to achieve consistency. The real driver for rainwater harvesting is water availability, or lack thereof. Hence, the reason why it is a local grass-roots issue and why certain regions or provinces are more ahead than others,” states Cate Soroczan.

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“Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan” provides backdrop for 2013 Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

“Living Water Smart is an idea that people are embracing. The solutions and commitments go beyond what government does Living Water Smart is about adaptation – that is, collectively what we need to do…to adapt…to prepare for climate change. How we will get there is all about collaboration – that’s my code for silo jumping. We must get out of our silos and broaden our perspectives. Learn from others, share with others – that is when we grow. While legislative reform is a foundation piece, collaboration takes place outside the legislative framework,” states Lynn Kriwoken.

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ON DECEMBER 3, 2013 – Partnership for Water Sustainability and Irrigation Industry Association will co-host “A Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting in British Columbia”

“The Partnership for Water Sustainability values our long-term relationship with IIABC. We especially appreciate that IIABC provided annual funding for the website in 2007, 2008 and 2009. And when the Partnership for Water Sustainability was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in 2010, the IIABC again stepped forward to provide the Partnership with seed funding. By jointly organizing the Rainwater Harvesting Workshop, we are taking our partnering to the next level,” stated Tim Pringle,

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Rainwater Harvesting Workshop includes Tradeshow Component

“This one day workshop will provide information on how with the right controls in place, harvested rainwater can be used for irrigation, outdoor cleaning, flushing toilets, washing clothes and even drinking water. In conjunction with the workshop, we will also be holding a mini-tradeshow,” states Mike Tanner. “The workshop is open to a wide variety of affiliate industry groups, including architects, builders, plumbers, engineers, landscapers, gardeners, do-it-yourselfers, water conservation leaders, and policy officials.”

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Irrigation Industry Association of BC is a “Champion Supporter” of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

““With the evolving changes and concerns around water use; the IIABC has partnered with the Partnership for Water Sustainability. The IIABC is collaborating to build a foundation for future change in order to help us align our industry education and certification offerings that include efficient irrigation systems. This will assist us in supporting our membership with sustainable irrigation practices. We all need to be accountable for our water resource. With shared tools and programs; we can collaborate to make a difference,” states Keesha Rosario.

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