2005 Rainwater Harvesting Series

Flashback to 2005 Rainwater Harvesting Workshop Series: Reflections by Australia’s Peter Coombes about the journey Down Under to a resilient future

“The easy going ‘she’ll be right mate’ culture of Australians masks strong aversion to change ‘we’ve always done it this way’. Our water management is, mostly, a centralised top down (driven by institutions) process. In contrast, Canadians have a bottom up (driven by people) discussion ‘let’s talk about this’ about ideas – consensus via non-government organisations and community governance,” wrote Peter Coombes.

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Rainwater Harvesting on the West Coast: Klaus Koenig impresses Victoria audience

The program for the 2005 Rainwater Harvesting Workshop in Victoria was built around Klaus Koenig, German architect and consulting engineer. Klaus has been extensively involved with the subject of rainwater utilization for 20 years. The author of several books in German on the subject, his first English book on rainwater recycling, 'The Rainwater Technology Handbook, Rain Harvesting in Building', was published in 2001.

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