Convening for Action in the Vancouver Island Region

Convening for Action on Vancouver island: Team-building north of the Malahat

“The 2008 Learning Lunch Series was the first step in building a regional team approach….so that there would be a common understanding and consistent expectations for rainwater management and green infrastructure in the Cowichan Valley. This was followed by the Cowichan Valley Water Balance Model Forum,” stated Kate Miller.

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Stories about the 2008 Cowichan Valley Water Balance Model Forum

“In October 2008, the Cowichan Valley Regional District hosted a Water Balance Model Forum that was conducted as a hybrid-training workshop to inform, educate and enable those who wish to apply the Water Balance Model to support a Design with Nature approach to land development,” stated Jay Bradley. Five stories about the Forum process and outcomes are posted on several of the communities-of-interest that comprise the website.

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Showcasing Green Infrastructure Innovation on Vancouver Island: The 2008 Series

“Showcasing Innovation has helped local government practitioners immeasurably by creating forums for them to share their experiences and lessons learned. This has created a ripple effect that has spurred even more innovation. The 2008 Series can play an integrating role to cut across disciplines and ultimately help communities create neighbourhoods that integrate both good planning and innovative engineering designs,” stated Ray Fung.

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Rainwater Management on Vancouver Island: third in series of three regional events sponsored by EMCO

“We are excited to demonstrate that industry is doing its part to rise to the challenge of providing practical solutions to on-the-ground drainage issues. Our collaboration with the Inter-Governmental Partnership is creating opportunities for the IGP to achieve their outreach objectives in communicating the water balance message to a broad audience of practitioners,” stated Keith Lumby

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