2010 “From Rain to Resource” Workshop on Rainwater Management

UNDERSTANDING CLIMATE CHANGE: “If mitigation is about CARBON, then adaptation is about WATER”, stated the late John Slater, (former) Parliamentary Secretary for Water Supply and Allocation, when he spoke at the Okanagan Workshop on Managing Stormwater in a Changing Climate (October 2010)

“Designing with nature captures the essence of climate change adaptation. Adaptation is about responding to the changes that will inevitably occur. Adaptation is at the community level and is therefore about collaboration. Rainwater management is at the heart of designing with nature,” stated John Slater. He told the story of how the Tim Horton’s restaurant in Osoyoos showed what one can do on the ground, at the site level, to make a difference in achieving a bigger picture objective – protect Osoyoos Lake!

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Rainwater Management in the 21st Century: Overcoming Fear and Doubt

During the period 2000-2001, the mantra in British Columbia was “overcoming fear and doubt” in order to move ahead with projects such as the East Clayton in the City of Surrey, and UniverCity on Burnaby Mountain in the City of Burnaby. it was Patrick Condon of UBC who said: ‘If we fail, it will be a generation before anyone will even have the opportunity to try again; so we must not fail’.

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Water Balance Model facilitates adaptive management approach to implementation of alternative green infrastructure techniques

“The evolution of the capabilities of the web-based Water Balance Model (WBM) has arisen in response to the need to embrace adaptive management in the creation of watershed objectives and to quickly test alternative green infrastructure techniques prior to implementation,” states Jim Dumont. “The easy access and calculation speed combined with the embedded data and information allows the user to easily and effectively plan and design green infrastructure techniques which will achieve the vision and objectives established for the Site, the Development, or the Watershed.”

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