2006 Celebration of World Water Day at UBC-Okanagan University

World Water Day in the Okanagan

”Here in the Okanagan we are facing our own water issues as a result of unsustainable forms of development that are now leading to unprecedented levels of habitat and species extinction. Equity of access to water is also an issue that is becoming more problematic as water becomes an increasingly scarce resource,” stated John Wagner.

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World Water Day at UBC-Okanagan: Keynote Presentation by Kim Stephens

“Land use planning cannot be disconnected from water use planning. People’s transformation of the landscape has impacts on the natural water balance. We must move towards ‘water-centric’ planning, where water is a key consideration, whether planning for a site or for the entire province. In 2003, droughts, forest fires and floods created a teachable moment,” stated Kim Stephens.

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