2005 Penticton Water IN = Water OUT Workshop

“Water OUT = Water IN”: New Paradigms to Achieve More Sustainable and Resilient Outcomes

“It is hard to imagine this work happened only 10 years ago. We know, however, both the website and the Convening for Action programs are successes – since the themes around water-centric planning and ‘design with nature’ have become part of the fabric of common understanding and basic foundation of how things need to get done in a region when talking about water,” stated Oliver Brandes.

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2005 Penticton Workshop introduces “Water OUT = Water IN”

“This full-day technical transfer session connected the dots between water resource planning, climate variability and risk management; and explored the tools and techniques available through demand-side management,” stated Kim Stephens. “The workshop introduced a number of key concepts that we intend to build upon.”

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Water OUT = Water IN: Water Sustainability Action Plan releases summary report on 2005 Penticton Water Balance Workshop

“Conventional water supply planning is typically based on a narrow understanding of engineering statistics without really understanding the role that climate variability plays. A core message is that the OUT = IN equation is variable on both sides,” stated Robert Hicks. “Something to think about is that in mathematics one cannot solve for two variables with a single equation.”

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