Convening for Action in Lower Mainland

Rainwater Management in the 21st Century: Application of the “DFO Urban Stormwater Guidelines” has evolved over the past decade to protect stream health

“It helps to look back to understand how we got to here. In 2000, DFO released Urban Stormwater Guidelines and Best Management Practices for Protection of Fish and Fish Habitat. It got practitioners thinking about how to capture rainfall in order to reduce runoff volume and protect water quality,” states Corinio Salomi.

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Rainwater Management in the 21st Century: “Focus Drainage Modelling on Solutions”, says Dr. Charles Rowney

“As we have been working on the WBM, we only go as complicated as is necessary. We strive to make the tool as simple as possible, but no simpler. It has to be consistent, cheap and workable with limited data. It has to fit the local context; and it has to evolve because we are not at the end point today. The WBM will continue to grow and adapt over time,” concluded Dr. Charles Rowney.

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Integrated Rainwater Management: Municipalities Can Achieve More With Less

“Local governments in BC are faced with this challenge: the initial capital cost of infrastructure is about 20% of the life-cycle cost; the other 80% largely represents a future unfunded liability. Fiscal constraints provide a powerful impetus for doing business differently to ‘achieve more with less’,” states Richard Boase.

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