Province approves Metro Vancouver’s visionary plan for Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management

The plan identifies what the region and its member municipalities intend to do to use liquid waste as a resource, minimize treatment costs and better protect the environment and public health. “The plan deals with the pressures of an increasing population while planning to bring an aging infrastructure up to modern standards,” stated Environment Minister Terry Lake. In addition to resource recovery, the plan also commits Metro Vancouver to replacing the region’s two remaining primary treatment plants – Lions Gate in West Vancouver, and Iona Island in Richmond.

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Sustainable Service Delivery: Province Strengthens Metro Vancouver’s Plan for Managing Rainwater Resources

“Sustainable Service Delivery is the Province’s branding for a life-cycle way of thinking about infrastructure needs and how to pay for them over time. The legislative authority for integration of land use planning and asset management already exists within the Local Government Act and Community Charter. Local governments can develop a truly integrated Asset Management Strategy that views the watershed though an environmental lens,” states Glen Brown. “Get the watershed vision right. Then create a blueprint to implement green infrastructure.”

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