Metro Vancouver Reference Panel recommends establishing a “stewarding committee” to ensure Liquid Resource Management Plan stays true to the vision

“Metro Vancouver Reference Panel recommends establishing a ‘stewarding committee’ to ensure Liquid Resource Management Plan stays true to the vision. There is a need for fresh, objective eyes bolstered by a strong political mandate to keep asking questions, prod Metro Vancouver and members toward the vision, and assist with the waste-to-resource paradigm-shift over time. A ‘stewarding committee’ would play an expert and non-partisan role,” stated Susan Rutherford.

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Re-Focus Integrated Stormwater Management Plans on outcomes, recommends Metro Vancouver Reference Panel

“Strategies and actions in ISMPs will impact on Metro Vancouver’s sustainability for generations to come. Hence, it is important to link those actions to a picture of a desired outcome,” stated Kim Stephens. “One has to start with the desired outcome – which is protect or improve stream health – and then determine what actions in the watershed will green the urban landscape. Re-focus ISMPs on watershed targets and outcomes so that there are clear linkages with land use planning.”

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Nutrient Recovery: Creating Value from Waste at Metro Vancouver

The focus of the Lulu plant tour was on the pilot nutrient recovery technology developed by Dr. Don Mavinic of the University of British Columbia. “To demonstrate the potential for sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, researchers at UBC have developed the technology to capture phosphorus and ammonia from high concentration streams of municipal sewage, and recycle them into environmentally safe fertilizer,” stated Dr. Don Mavinic.

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Metro Vancouver Board Aligns Regional Planning Vision with “Living Water Smart, BC’s Water Plan”

By aligning Metro Vancouver's Liquid Waste (Resource) Plan with the Province's Living Water Smart initiative, this opens the door to encouraging ‘green choices’ will ripple through time and will be cumulative in creating liveable communities and protecting stream health. “This will ensure that Metro Vancouver’s and senior governments’ environmental and fiscal objectives and actions are mutually supportive and successful,” stated Lois Jackson, Chair.

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Alignment with the “Canada-wide Strategy” establishes timeline for new treatment plants in Metro Vancouver

“It is the view of the Metro Vancouver Reference Panel that the effective implementation of the Canada-wide Strategy not only creates an obligation on the part of the senior governments to step up to the plate and fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities, it also creates an obligation to support communities that believe it is imperative to improve sewage treatment as soon as possible,” stated Christianne Wilhelmson.

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