Creating the Future in Langley: Green Infrastructure Innovation

CREATING THE FUTURE IN THE TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY: “Langley is unique in that DFO approved the water balance strategy at a neighbourhood scale for each of Routley, Yorkson and Northeast Gordon,” stated Jim Dumont, Engineering Applications Authority, Partnership for Water Sustainability

The Township was one of the first municipalities to apply the Water Balance Methodology. Three neighbourhoods established successive provincial precedents that informed the evolution of the methodology. “DFO approval meant that design standards were applied uniformly across each neighbourhood. This was a time-saver for everyone. The approach resulted in consistency of implementation,” stated Jim Dumont.

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CREATING THE FUTURE IN THE TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY: “Patrick Condon inspired me to think about HOW to implement a vision that would be self-fulfilling and self-sustaining over time,” stated Ramin Seifi, the Township’s General Manager for both Engineering & Community Development

“The adaptive process for implementing green infrastructure is ongoing. Each time we learn. We strive to find better ways to mimic nature and protect the natural water balance in Langley’s watersheds,” stated Ramin Seifi. “But the public does not see integration. This means the next step is to educate the community as a whole so that everyone understands the importance of green infrastructure and protecting the water cycle. Buy-in has to be from everyone.”

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CREATING THE FUTURE IN THE TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY: “The Showcasing Innovation Series is a building block process – each time the objective is to raise the bar when celebrating successes in municipalities,” stated Ray Fung, representing the Green Infrastructure Partnership, when he explained the series vision in 2007

There are a lot of good things happening throughout Metro Vancouver. Because people are so busy in their own world, it takes a third party to connect them. That was the role the Green Infrastructure Partnership played in organizing the 2007 Showcasing Innovation Series. The goal was a simple one: build regional capacity. “Learning is achieved through conversations that take place when we are in the field,” observed Ray Fung, “So it is very interactive.”

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