articles for period 2013 thru 2020

Inter-Regional Collaboration for Watershed Sustainability: Kim Stephens connects the dots for Metro Vancouver’s Utilities Committee

“A core group of local government champions representing five geographic regions affirmed that it will function as an inter-regional leadership team; and has framed the ultimate outcome of an inter-regional series of working sessions in these terms: ‘Through sharing and learning, ensure that where we are going is indeed the right way’,” stated Kim Stephens.

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Citizen-Led, Staff-Facilitated and Politically Innovative: West Vancouver’s “Working Group Model” recognized by the United Nations for community engagement leadership

“Council defined our top public policy questions ‐ things like sustainable residential development and how do adopt a climate action plan. We handed these priorities to citizen led working groups. We wanted these citizens to begin writing our public policy for us. And they have,” stated Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones.

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City of Surrey is a Champion Supporter of the Partnership for Water Sustainability

“The Surrey Sustainability Charter is about making the right choices and doing the right things. The Charter provides a comprehensive lens through which we will view all future initiatives, programs and plans. It provides us with a framework to best develop and manage Surrey’s human and physical resources to create a strong, sustainable city,” states Mayor Dianne Watts.

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FLASHBACK TO 2009: City of Surrey hosted Metro Vancouver Water Balance Model Forum

“Living Water Smart provides a framework and sets a direction. The purpose in convening for action is to establish consistent expectations on-the-ground: This is what we want to achieve, and this is how we will get there. Our immediate objective in convening for action is to encourage ‘green choices’ that will ripple through time,” stated Kim Stephens.

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