Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Implementing a New Culture

Convening for Action in British Columbia: ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ connects the dots between South Okanagan and Vancouver Island

The South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy provided the first opportunity to test the ‘convening for action’ approach. That experience has been adapted in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. The cross-fertilization process has now come full circle. “Convening for Action’s influence was apparent in documentation (including graphics) and corporate knowledge used in producing the Regional Growth Strategy plan,” reported Bryn White.

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How the Tree Canopy Protects Urban Stream Health: “The right trees in the right places intercept rainfall”, says IGP Co-Chair Richard Boase

Trees can intercept upwards of 50% of the rain that falls each year on a watershed. Removing the tree cover means that more and more rainfall is converted into runoff volume. “One of our research interests was to determine the effectiveness of a single taken at premiers awards dinnertree versus that for a cluster of trees,” explained Richard Boase.

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CAVI Chair John Finnie announced launch of ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ at the ‘Dialogue in Nanaimo’ on June 11, 2010

“Beyond the Guidebook 2010 describes how water sustainability can and will be achieved through implementation of green infrastructure policies and practices. Getting there relies on a change in mind-set,” stated John Finnie. “When the right people with the right knowledge are involved at the right time to apply informed judgment in a collaborative process, the outcome-oriented approach saves time and money.”

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