Beyond the Guidebook 2010: Implementing a New Culture

Rain Gardens at Bus Bulges Protect Stream Health in the City of North Vancouver

The City is leading by example in demonstrating on-the-ground applications of a 'design with nature' approach within the highly urban Lonsdale Avenue corridor. “”Rain gardens have been included in bus bulges on Lonsdale to minimize the impact of the built environment on the City’s small streams. But this is just part of the picture,” stated Tony Barber.

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The District of North Vancouver’s Bold Vision for a Municipality-Wide Integrated Rainwater Management Plan

Through its Official Community Plan Update, the District is advancing a vision for restoring the rainfall absorption capacity of our watersheds, one property at a time, over time. “To draw attention to the urgent need for action on single-family residential properties, we have created a set of images to illustrate why and how watershed health is at risk,” stated Richard Boase.

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Rollout of ‘Beyond the Guidebook 2010’ will commence at UBCM Annual Convention on September 27

“Beyond the Guidebook 2010 is the story of what has been accomplished on the ground since 2004, through partnerships and collaboration. It speaks to the convention theme, Forging Gold Medal Standards, because 2010 is a year that will not soon be forgotten in British Columbia. This is the perfect time to capitalize on forward momentum in our communities,” stated Kim Stephens.

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