LANDSCAPES AND WATERSHEDS IN BC ARE AT A HEIGHTENED RISK: “Younes Alila is in the news because he is raising the alarm. His message boils down to RISK AND LIABILITY. The actual consequences of clearcut logging, he warns, are magnified in this era of weather extremes,” stated Kim Stephens

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Published by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia, Waterbucket eNews celebrates the leadership of individuals and organizations who are guided by the Living Water Smart vision. The edition published on May 21, 2024 featured Dr. Younes Alila of the UBC Faculty of Forestry. Through his research thrust over three decades, he landed on a discovery that challenges mainstream practices and provides the foundation for a paradigm-shift in forest hydrology science and practice.


Watersheds in BC are at a heightened risk

“It is happenstance that I connected with Dr. Younes Alila. My initial conversation with Younes was a 3-hour “firehose experience”. Expressed another way, it was a flood of information to absorb. But it is all good,” stated Kim Stephens, Waterbucket eNews Editor and Partnership Executive Director.

“And I am so happy that our orbits and spheres of influence have intersected. Younes has a clear message regarding land changes and water consequences that practitioners and decision-makers far and wide need to heed.”

“He uses the term Hydrology of Convenience to frame the issue and thus capture attention. This framing resonates with me because it parallels what Andy Reese, an American water resources engineer and textbook author, had in mind when he coined the term Voodoo Hydrology in 2006.”

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Powerful. Compelling. Younes Alila is passionate and engaging!

“Hydrology is hydrology. And our land ethic has consequences for water, whether the landscape is urban or wilderness,” continued Kim Stephens.

“To gain an appreciation for the science of forests and floods, and the implications for people, a 47-minute professionally produced video of Dr. Younes Alila in full flight is MUCH WATCH viewing. He is a man on a mission. He is passionate and engaging. And that is a good thing.”

“On April 13th 2024, the Interior Watershed Task Force, a coalition concerned with clearcut logging of primary forests and watersheds in BC’s Interior, hosted a Community Town Hall event at UBC Okanagan Campus. In sharing his findings with that audience, Younes Alila laid out a compelling and powerful storyline that he titled Hydrology of Convenience in BC Forestry.”

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Forests and floods: A new paradigm sheds light on age-old controversies

“In conversation with Younes Alila, I learned that a seminal moment in his life story occurred in 2009. In that year, his landmark research paper titled Forests and floods: A new paradigm sheds light on age-old controversies was published.”

“As Younes explained it, the paradigm-shift revolves around the “science of extremes and frequency”. Our conversation reminded me of two seminal moments in my career – one in 1996 and another in 2002. Common to all three is the fact that land use changes have consequences.”

“And Younes pulls no punches when he states that:



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