DOWNLOAD A COPY OF: “Living Water Smart in British Columbia: A Pathway to Water Reconciliation and Resilience at the Local Scale” – released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in January 2023

Note to Reader:

Waterbucket eNews celebrates the leadership of individuals and organizations who are guided by the Living Water Smart vision. The edition published on January 24, 2023 previewed the Blue Ecology bridging seminar and primed readers for a panel discussion about interweaving of Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. The seminar goal is to raise the level of awareness of what “water reconciliation” means in practice.



Blue Ecology 101 for local politicians

“We have landed at the crux of two of the most important issues facing Canadians – relationships with First Nations and relationships with water – in an era when we must also adapt to a changing climate. Communities have a once in a generation opportunity to get our relationships with both right, and then start back down the river of time – this time together,” states Kim  Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability.

“Watershed Moments 2023 is designed to inform local government elected representatives about BLUE ECOLOGY, a pathway to “water reconciliation”. Blue Ecology is a water-first approach to interweaving Indigenous and Western perspectives. Oral history, land and water stewardship, and inter-generational baton.  These are foundational pieces for water reconciliation.”

“During the evening of February 23rd — from 7PM until 9PM — the team of Michael Blackstock, Brian Carruthers and Richard Boase will seed the idea that hope lies within the sphere of local government, whether that be non-Indigenous or Indigenous That is the scale where actions do matter.”

“In an interactive online broadcast via YouTube, Richard will moderate a free-flowing conversation between Michael and Brian. The goal is that this dynamic trio will light a spark with their enthusiasm and leave the audience with hope. Because the seminar is on YouTube, this results in viewing flexibility plus the ability to watch the seminar again and again.”

About the members of the Blue Ecology Panel

Michael Blackstock is an independent Indigenous scholar, past member of a UNESCO Expert Panel, and creator of the Blue Ecology methodology. His work is the inspiration for the Blue Ecology Institute.

Brian Carruthers is a respected, long time chief administrative officer in local government. He was an architect of, and staff champion for the Cowichan Region’s Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Program.

Richard Boase is the moderator for the Watershed Moments Series. In addition to his local government career as an environmental champion, he is a founding Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability.


To read the complete story published on January 24th 2023, download a PDF copy of Living Water Smart in British Columbia: A Pathway to Water Reconciliation and Resilience at the Local Scale.