DOWNLOAD A COPY OF: “Living Water Smart in British Columbia: The Little Creek That Could” – released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in January 2022

Note to Reader:

Waterbucket eNews celebrates the leadership of individuals and organizations who are guided by the vision for Living Water Smart in British Columbia to build greener communities and adapt to a changing climate. The edition published on January 23th 2022 featured The Little Creek That Could,  a children’s book by Mark Angelo. Known far and wide for his numerous river conservation and restoration initiatives, Mark Angelo is an iconic figure in British Columbia.

Mark Angelo’s “The Little Creek That Could”

The Little Creek That Could is a children’s book. But it is much, much more. It is an “oral history” about a lifetime commitment to bringing a degraded urban stream back to life. The book is inspired by the true story of how Mark Angelo, as a young teacher, led the charge alongside students, teachers, and community members to restore Guichon Creek, a small urban creek in the City of Burnaby – demonstrating to readers how the power of one can impact change.

A Story of Hope and Inspiration 

“The challenges we face today are immense, but we just have to keep plugging away. I spend so much time with children; that is one of the reasons that led me to write the book The Little Creek That Could. My grandchildren were my source of inspiration. For years, I told them the story. During the pandemic, I finally sat down and wrote the book,” stated Mark Angelo.

“It is a story that in my view has an important message, one that will hopefully appeal to children, as well as their influencers who in many cases will read the book to their children. The book tells the story of a creek that came back to life. It is an illustrated children’s book that tells the true story of the five-decade long effort to restore and revive Burnaby’s own Guichon Creek. It was literally a dead stream.”

“The book speaks to the fact that nature can heal itself if only given a chance. It is a positive and hopeful message for kids. I also think it is very timely given where we are in time. While this book focuses on healing a single stream, the broader message is about healing the environment. My hope is that it will resonate with many regardless of where they live, whether in our province or in our country.”


To read the complete story published on January 25th 2022, download a PDF copy of Living Water Smart in British Columbia: The Little Creek That Could.