DOWNLOAD A COPY OF: “Living Water Smart in British Columbia: Bowker Creek Blueprint is a Beacon of Inspiration” released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in September 2021

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The edition of Waterbucket eNews published on September 28, 2021 featured the Bowker Creek Blueprint, a 100-year action plan to peel back the pavement, daylight an historical creek, and restore nature within the Victoria urban region on Vancouver Island. The intergenerational commitment by so many players is inspirational. 

Game-changing action by City of Victoria provides momentum for Bowker Blueprint 2.0

“In February 2021, the 12-clause motion moved by Councillor Jeremy Loveday and passed by Victoria Council is the game-changer that launched the second decade of the 100-Year Action Plan,” reports Kim Stephens, author of A Beacon of Inspiration, and Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.

“Not only did Councillors recommit the City of Victoria to implement the Blueprint, they also directed staff to report back on scope and resources needed to daylight certain reaches of the creek identified in the Daylighting Feasibility Study. In addition, they passed partner motions to direct staff to look for opportunities to restore or daylight other historic creeks in the City of Victoria.”

We All Live in a Watershed

“We need to work collaboratively and cooperatively to put the Bowker Blueprint vision into action. The watershed does look different depending on which municipality you are standing in. But, at the end of the day, what happens in Saanich does have an effect on the creek as it flows through Victoria, and then as it flows through Oak Bay,” continues Brianne Czypyha, Stormwater Management Specialist.

“And now in Victoria when we are looking at development projects, we think about the watershed context. When we ask developers to use green stormwater infrastructure, we consider how it would affect the creek, the flows, the water quality, and downstream neighbours.”

“Daylighting is a huge long-term project. With the completion of the feasibility study, which included input from other departments, we now have options for where the creek could go and what it could look like.”

“Because we know where stream daylighting overlaps with other City plans and policies, we can take the next step to look at what we could do on the ground and what it could cost. We are well-placed for grant applications or emerging opportunities for partnerships.”

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