DOWNLOAD A COPY OF: “Living Water Smart in British Columbia: Adapting to Climate Realities / Context and History Do Matter!” released by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in September 2021

Note to Reader:

The edition of Waterbucket eNews published on September 14, 2021 reviewed several stories scheduled for publication in September and October. If governments and community leaders are serious about adapting to BC’s new climate reality, then it is essential they understand why context and history do matter! That is the unifying theme.

Droughts Affect All of Us

“Waterbucket eNews weave common threads. Foremost is the notion of building bridges of understanding from the past to the present and future. In short, context and history do matter! Upcoming stories focus on ‘champions’ – that is, dedicated individuals who provide leadership and motivate others to strive for the greater good. Without determined champions, nothing gets started and nothing happens,” stated Kim Stephens, Waterbucket eNews Editor and Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia

“Key words that capture the essence of upcoming stories are perseverance, dedication, and TIME in capitals. Changes do not happen overnight. It is a journey and journeys take decades – which is why success is measured by the distance travelled, not the distance still to go.”

The New Reality in British Columbia

“The warming of the planet’s atmosphere is causing water to move more quickly and disruptively through the global water cycle. Flood, drought, fire, wind and cold – extreme events are becoming the norm. Instabilities in the water cycle are increasingly apparent.”

“In the moment, extreme events can be overwhelming. But the big picture situation is by no means hopeless. My key message is to view climate change as another variable, not a driver. Understand the system context because climate adaptation is about water, whereas climate mitigation is about carbon.”

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Download a copy of Living Water Smart in British Columbia: Adapting to Climate Realities / Context and History Do Matter!