2019 SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP CONGRESS IN VANCOUVER: “Implementing sustainable solutions demands leaders who are more emotionally aware and open to learn from those on the leading-edge paving the way,” says Connie Linder, Founder and CEO of Intengine and the Global Change Foundation

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Intengine Enterprises, formerly known as the Green Pages Directory, is an online search directory for sustainable purchasing and healthier living. Vancouver-based, it is reportedly the fastest-growing database and business platform of its kind in North America.

On June 8-9 in Vancouver, the newly created Intengine Global Change Foundation will host hundreds of young sustainability leaders and established industry-wide professionals, for the first annual Sustainability Leadership Congress. This is the launch event for an initiative that would help bridge the gap between shared social and environmental objectives, and the means and knowledge required to achieve their fulfillment.

The mission of the Intengine Global Change Foundation is to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable economy through the advancement of knowledge and awareness that aids in the generation of policies and practices, and their implementation. The Foundation is committed to educating and empowering future leaders with the knowledge, tools, and emotional awareness required to fulfill this mission.

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is participating in the Sustainability Leadership Congress because the Foundation’s vision for intergenerational capacity-building aligns with the commitment by the Partnership to identify and mentor emerging talent in the local government setting.

At the Congress, Ted van der Gulik and Kim Stephens will represent the Partnership on the agriculture and water panels, respectively. The Partnership champions the whole-system approach to managing land and water activities and actions.

To learn more & register, visit http://www.intengine.com/foundation/

INTERGENERATIONAL MISSION: Educate and empower future leaders with knowledge, tools, and emotional awareness to improve where we live

“The Intengine Foundation is reaching out to build bridges to universities and school districts, and in so doing identify future leaders who can be groomed to make a difference,” states Kim Stephens, Partnership Executive Director.

“The Partnership is looking to bridge a ‘demographic gap’ and pass on our knowledge and wisdom through an intergenerational exchange.Through collaboration with Intengine, we can help each other advance our respective missions. The Congress therefore represents a springboard opportunity.”

Intengine – A Local Application with a Global Reach

“Although there are many ‘green’ databases, their geographic reach and focus are limited. Intengine’s database includes all industry sectors, business listing types, and geographic regions. This enables the users to find a local service provider or supplier, or be linked with a leading global technology solution,” explains Connie Linder, Founder & CEO.

“We connect people seeking healthy options with companies offering innovative products and services, along with the most current information in the field of sustainability.

How the Database Works

“With filters for location and certification, and an at-a-glance impact profile of business listings, those making supply chain and procurement decisions have a reduced load – we make finding values-aligned partners simple.

“Small to Medium businesses often have limited time and resources to look in depth at their suppliers. Creating supply chain relationships that reduce harmful social and environmental impact while also reflecting your business’s core mission and deliverable is often put on the back-burner because of the amount of time, energy, and resources needed to facilitate that transition.

“A root issue of sustainability is therefore collectively neglected by SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) around the globe. Intengine’s easy to use platform changes all that. We bring ease to supply chain relationships from B2B  (Business to Business) as well as B2C (Business to Customer).”

Vision for the Intengine Foundation

“The Intengine Global Change Foundation is making sustainability as a lifestyle and strategy more accessible by providing funding, access, tools and education for sustainability advocates and leaders so they can expand their knowledge and bring this awareness into their profession – whatever that may be,” continues Connie Linder.

“Our vision for the future is one that we all likely share, in which economic prosperity needn’t come at the cost of irreplaceable natural resources or violated human rights. This future already exists in the minds and hearts of many, but we are faced with challenges and opportunities that are not seen by all.

Cultivate Conscientious Leaders 

“By broadening the perspective of sustainability and fostering well-rounded discussions, the Foundation is bringing awareness to some of the most impactful global industries. Our world requires leaders with a heightened sense of emotional and spiritual intelligence and the strength to remain strong in the face of adversity.

“Professional and personal development can no longer be pursued in isolation. Their growth must run in parallel lines if we are to cultivate a global community of conscientious leaders – and that is exactly what the Foundation is doing.”

Sustainability Leadership Congress is a Springboard

“The Sustainability Leadership Congress, with the Intengine for Change Gala on the first evening of the conference, act as the ‘coming out party’ for the Intengine Global Change Foundation and the beginning of the ‘How To’ movement,” explains Jade Gelenyse, Content Production & Community Relations.

“It is the intention of the Foundation that education and growth in emerging areas of sustainability will be continuous, taking us beyond the 2-day conference to empower millennials and younger generations to share their knowledge and contribute to our collective growth towards an economically, environmentally, and socially conscious way of life and business.”

Sustainability is not a Stand-Alone Subject

“The Congress is a springboard to the untapped opportunities that lie in introducing the newest generation of leaders to the realities of our current world,” adds Connie Linder. “The Foundation will continue its work after the Congress by mobilizing youth around the challenges facing our future in an effort to inspire new ways of long-term, solution-based, truly sustainable thinking.

“One of the ways we are looking to do this is by forming partnerships with post-secondary institutions to spread their knowledge to others. Sustainability is not a stand-alone subject, it is to be interwoven throughout all industries and future endeavors, which is why the Foundation seeks to amplify the voices of those pursuing ecological harmony in industry-specific sectors.”

Intergenerational Mission is an application of Cathedral Thinking

It is timely to build contacts and collaboration with young students, our future leaders,” states Eric Bonham.  He is a Founding Member, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC; and a former Director in the Ministries of Environment and Municipal Affairs.

“This leads to the idea for an elders mentoring program to help bring an intergenerational vision to fruition. The process for facilitating new ideas and bringing together ‘movers and shakers’ often results in creative partnerships and further collaboration.”

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Visit “Cathedral thinking is about keeping the living generation tethered to the future,” said Rick Antonson