BLUE ECOLOGY VIDEO 4: “Given his natural ability to relay complex scientific information in an easy to understand and fun way is always a highlight when Bob McDonald speaks at a Partnership workshop or conference,” stated Eric Bonham, founding member and elder statesman, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC


The Blue Ecology Workshop in November 2017 featured Member of Parliament Fin Donnelly teamed, the Partnership for Water Sustainability’s Ted van der Gulik, the CBC’s Bob McDonald (host, Quirks & Quarks) and Michael Blackstock (creator of the Blue Ecology paradigm). This foursome shared their unique and complementary perspectives on a water-first approach. The Fraser River was a centrepiece for the workshop program.

Kim Stephens, Executive Director of the Partnership for Water Sustainability, was the workshop faciliator/moderator.

Eric Bonham provided a bridge-in to the presentation by Bob McDonald.


Download “Blue Ecology – interweaving First Nations cultural knowledge and Western science” for a program preview.