BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: A testimonial to Fin Donnelly – “he walks the talk, effectively communicating on an intergenerational level through community engagement,” wrote Eric Bonham

Connect the Drops

“The Partnership for Water Sustainability BC organization committee thanks Fin Donnelly for his most effective contribution to the 2017 workshop held in Richmond on November 28th,”  wrote Eric Bonham. He provided closing remarks at the Blue Ecology.

“His presentation, Connect the Drops, in the morning session titled Watershed, Rivershed, What’s the Difference, was well received and sparked interest in the Blue Ecology theme from the beginning of the workshop.”

A Vision for Watershed CPR

“Fin Donnelly’s commitment and passion in both identifying and addressing the complex range of issues that challenge the health of the Fraser River gave us invaluable insight and understanding of the need for an holistic approach and engagement by a range of participants, including the three levels of government, private sector, community stewards and academia.

“Adoption of the Watershed CPR proposal that Fin outlined clearly calls for a united front by all of the participants.  That said, Fin  walks the talk, effectively communicating on an intergenerational level through community engagement, for example, the Rivershed Society of BC which he initiated, as well as his involvement in interactive events such as FraserFEST

“The workshop attendees appreciated Fin Donnelly’s definition of Rivershed in that it is a more inclusive term than Watershed, providing a sense of place, hence placing responsibility and commitment at the local level, a role that community stewards and local governments can effectively embrace.

“What was informative was the interweaving of the themes of the four speakers, with the consistent message of the fragility and limited availability of a fresh water resource, the need to identify water as a first priority, and most importantly, changing our attitude towards water from that of a commodity to the inclusive life force that it truly is, a theme that Michael spoke to from an Indigenous Knowledge perspective.

“The Partnership looks forward to collaborating with Fin Donnelly in areas of common interest, where we can share information on the mutual search for, and implementation of, sustainable water strategies and practices in British Columbia.”


To download a PDF copy of the presentation by Fin Donnelly, click on Connect the Drops.