BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: A testimonial to Michael Blackstock – “The interweaving of First Nations cultural knowledge and Western science is long overdue,” wrote Eric Bonham

Blue Ecology – An Attitude Switch!

“The Partnership for Water Sustainability BC organization committee thanks Michael Blackstock for his major contribution to the success of the Partnership’s 2017 workshop held in Richmond on November 28th,” wrote Eric Bonham. He provided closing remarks at the Blue Ecology.

“Michael’s presentation Blue Ecology-An Attitude Switch, the central theme of the workshop, emphasized the importance of indigenous culture in understanding our relationship to water. The interweaving of First Nations cultural knowledge and Western science is long overdue which he expressed so clearly and captured in his vision of the Blue Ecology water cycle.

Three Actions

“We thank Michael for his leadership in this regard as we collectively face the reality of climate change, calling for a fundamental change in our attitude that embraces a water first approach. We look forward to an on-going connection with him as he advances the three bold action items of Blue Ecology Education, Blue Ecology Architecture and a Blue Ecology City project.

“As Michael noted, the education initiative is especially significant, particularly at the elementary school level, as this will serve the young student well in their later years, namely understanding the central role of water and respecting it not simply as a commodity, but rather the life force it truly is.

“Drawing Elders and youth together purposefully in a sharing environment is also an important step in bringing inter-generational understanding from both an Indigenous perspective and Western science. This could be encouraged in both an educational and community context through school field trips and local stewardship initiatives.

“We thank Michael for taking the bold step of presenting Blue Ecology-An Attitude Switch, the issue is timely and clearly resonated with those attending the workshop,” concluded Eric Bonham.

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To download a PDF copy of the presentation by Michael Blackstock, click on Blue Ecology – An Attitude Switch!