BLUE ECOLOGY WORKSHOP: “Water is THE issue of the 21st century, both around the world and even here in Canada where we have more water than anyone,” wrote Bob McDonald, national science commentator for CBC Television, in a co-authored opinion piece published by the Vancouver Sun


On November 4, 2017 the Vancouver Sun newspaper published an opinion piece co-authored by Kim Stephens, Michael Blackstock, Bob McDonald and Eric Bonham. The article foreshadowed aspects of what would be addressed at the Blue Ecology Workshop on November 28, 2017.

Kim Stephens is the executive-director of Partnership for Water Sustainability in B.C.; Bob McDonald is the national science commentator for CBC Television; Michael Blackstock is an independent scholar of European and Gitxsan descent; Eric Bonham is a former director in two B.C. ministries, environment and municipal affairs.

We really need to move beyond ‘shock and yawn’

“To make the right choices moving forward, decision-makers at all levels and scales must understand how and where the rhythms of water are changing.

“Hydrologists and water managers can help build a brighter future by rediscovering the meaning of water, and interweaving the predominant Western analytical models with the more intuitive indigenous models.

“Blue Ecology’s philosophy is meant to be the bridge between these two cultural ways of knowing.”

Blue Ecology – A Realignment of the Water Story

“The authors share a positive vision of the future: water managers would embrace the Blue Ecology water cycle, communities would become more water-resilient, and British Columbians would successfully adapt to a changing climate.

“It starts with a conversation, which is the purpose of the Blue Ecology workshop, with its overarching theme of interweaving First Nations and Western thought.”


To read the entire Op-Ed, click on  Opinion: We really must move beyond ‘shock and yawn’ to download a PDF copy of the online version.