CREATING THE FUTURE IN THE TOWNSHIP OF LANGLEY: “There has been an evolution in our thinking and in our approach as successive neighbourhoods have been developed,” says Yolanda Leung, the Township’s Landscape Design Coordinator int the Green Infrastructure Services Department

Note to Reader:

Langley_Green-Infrastructure-Innovation_Oct-2017_cover_500pThe Langley Township story is the fifth in a series of Watershed Blueprint Case Profiles published by the Partnership for Water Sustainability.

The series showcases and celebrates successes and long-term ‘good work’ in the local government setting.

The purpose of the series is to inform and facilitate inter-regional collaboration in the Georgia Basin. 

By telling the stories of those who are spearheading changes in practice, this helps other local governments eliminate the “disconnect between information and implementation” that may otherwise hold them back.

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The New Normal

The ‘blue link’ in the photo below is the new drainage standard in Langley. It replaces the traditional curb-and-gutter detail for all but arterial roadways.

The blue link is symbolic of the transformational change which has taken root in the Township over the past decade-and-a-half as designing with nature has become the ‘new normal’.

The 'blue link' on 204 Street at 82nd Avenue

The ‘blue link’ on 204 Street at 82nd Avenue

From Greenways to Blue Links

Yolanda-Leung_Langley-Township_DSC_0082_Aug2016_120pThere has been an evolution in our thinking and in our approach as successive neighbourhoods have been developed,” stated Yolanda Leung, Landscape Design Coordinator in the Green Infrastructure Services Department.

“In the beginning, our focus for Green Infrastructure was on what we could achieve within greenways. Then our attention turned to rain gardens. Building on a history of successes, we are now implementing what the Township describes as blue links.”

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To read the complete story, download a copy of the Watershed Case Profile. Click on Green Infrastructure Innovation in Langley Township, released in October 2017.

The Table of Contents below is a synopsis. It distills the essence of each section into a succinct statement. These create a storyline. Readers are asked to pause and reflect on them before reading the story itself.

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