ARTICLE: Reflections of Intergenerational Learning, Or Not? (Asset Management BC Newsletter, September 2017)

Note to Reader:

The September 2017 issue of the Asset Management BC Newsletter included an article co-authored by two “old guys” (Wells and Kim Stephens) and one “young guy” (Cory Sivell). The article elaborates on challenges identified by Wells and Stephens in an Op-Ed published in the June 2016 issue.


The challenge is ‘integration’ and getting every discipline to recognize each others’ contribution plus get the organization working together on a common path. The other challenge is communicating and understanding the message. The work environment is changing with time as are the methods of communicating and the form of the messages.

The Discussion

“Two very mature (meaning ‘old guys’), got discussing this at length. We were fortunate to have a young guy join the conversation with whole bunch of fresh new ideas and thoughts,” wrote Wally Wells, Executive Director, Asset Management BC.

“Yes, all three of us are engineers but we come from quite different generations. We quickly realized that, while we needed to understand the same things, the way we traditionally communicate is quite different.  Therefore, the interpretation or understanding of the result can be quite different without really even realizing it.”

To Learn More:

Download  Reflections of Intergenerational Learning, Or Not? to read the article co-authored by Kim Stephens, Wally Wells and Cory Sivell.