FLASHBACK TO 2006: A message from Barry Penner, former Minister of the Environment, lauded the success of the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia

Note to Reader:

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC had its genesis in the Water Sustainability Committee, known to many by the acronym WSC, a technical committee of the BC Water & Waste Association.

From 2003 through 2010, the WSC was the hub for a partnership network operating in the local government setting. Since 2010, the Partnership is that hub and is responsible for delivering the Water Sustainability Action Plan for BC through partnerships and collaboration.

The article below provides historical context regarding the Partnership’s relationship with the Ministry of Environment.


Message from Barry Penner,
Minister of Environment

“I am pleased with the continuing success of the ministry’s partnership with the BCWWA’s Water Sustainability Committee in providing program delivery for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia,” wrote the Hon. Barry Penner, Minister of Environment, in a message published in the Spring 2006 issue of the Watermark barry-penner_2011_120pmagazine.

“Under the umbrella of the Action Plan, my predecessor announced the formal launch of the Waterbucket.ca web site at the 2005 BCWWA Annual Conference. A year later, your association has expanded the number of ‘communities-of- interest’ from two to seven. Congratulations!”

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Download Message from Barry Penner, Minister of Environment to read the complete statement.


Convening for Action in BC

“This year I would like to highlight the role that BCWWA is playing in implementing the Convening for Action initiative through partnerships with my ministry and others,” continued Minister Penner.

“This outreach and continuing education program is outcome-oriented and a key element of the Water Sustainability Action Plan.

“This initiative is all about sharing information and promoting water stewardship at the community level. I value the important role this partnership is playing in promoting water awareness and supporting communities to integrate water management practices with local land use planning and development programs.

“The ministry continues to provide core funding to support implementation of this Action Plan,” concluded Minister Penner.

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