DESIGN WITH NATURE: North Shore Streamkeepers action plan focuses on “what we can do” to encourage local governments to implement effective rainwater management and protect streams on Metro Vancouver’s North Shore mountainside

Note to Reader:

In March 2017, the 2nd annual North Vancouver workshop organized by the North Shore Streamkeepers (NSSK) attracted participants from communities throughout the Metro Vancouver region, and on a Saturday afternoon! The keynote presentation was delivered by Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC.

In June 2017, NSSK released their summary report on the event, complete with an action plan which is reproduced below.

North Shore Streamkeepers Workshop_DSC_0006_March-2017

2017 Workshop Conclusions, Actions, Presentations, Feedback

“Community input has confirmed that we can work together to reduce the impact of stormwater on our communities and creeks. A consistent theme was that there are a lot of good things being done but it is time for “the next step”. Financial/legal incentives are needed to encourage better stormwater management!

“NSSK has decided that a focus on modifying the existing ‘Sewer/Drainage’ component of municipal taxes will be valuable. Put simply, monster houses and paved parking lots create impermeable surfaces that increase stormwater run off. Modified sewer/drainage taxes will motivate property owners to manage their stormwater and/or provide resources for our communities to manage it for them.

“Our action plan includes meetings with elected officials in both the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver to request their staff investigate options for taxes on impermeable surfaces. Kitchener/Waterloo and Victoria are examples of municipalities that use this technique to help manage stormwater.”


It starts with communication and education.

Time is of the essence.

Financial and legal incentives motivate.

Engagement with local government works.

To Learn More:

Click on 2017 Workshop Conclusions, Actions, Presentations, Feedback.

Download Stormwater Impacts Communities and Creeks – What Can Streamkeepers Do? Released in March 2017 by the Partnership for Water Sustainability to inform the discussion at the Community Workshop, the document is part of the Backgrounder Series on Sustainable Watershed Systems.

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