DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE: Forester University Webinar on Protecting Urban Watersheds and Stream Health in British Columbia (April 2017)

Look at the water cycle with fresh eyes to develop and implement new approaches, methodologies and tools

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia is partnering with Forester University to share, via webinar on May 2nd 2017, the British Columbia innovation and experience that has resulted in the whole-system, water balance approach that is the hydrologic modelling foundation for Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management.

This new way of thinking views watersheds as infrastructure assets. This is an important first step towards changing the engineering standard of practice. The desired outcome is a standard of practice that is state-of-the-art and reflects real-world hydrology.

A Webinar That Cannot Be Missed

Emily Shine_Forester Media_2017_trimmed1_120pWe are delighted to have Kim Stephens and Jim Dumont of the Partnership share British Columbia’s cutting-edge continuous simulation model, known as the Water Balance Methodology, in their upcoming, featured webinar,” continues Emily Shine, the manager of Forester’s webinar program.

“At Forester University, we aim to position ourselves at the forefront of innovation in rainwater management and green infrastructure, and that is why we are calling Water Balance Methodology a webinar that cannot be missed.”

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