DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE: Cross-border collaboration would enhance water resources research and practice in North America (April 2017)

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Given the evident benefits of strategic interaction, the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia and the Urban Watershed Research Institute (UWRI) have an agreement to collaborate regarding reciprocal benefits and joint actions related to water resources research and practice in North America. The focal point for collaboration is the newly formed and US-based Center for Infrastructure Modeling and Management (

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Cross-border collaboration opens the door to sharing and learning

“Under an agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency, has been created to provide sustainable research, development and outreach for water infrastructure modeling, initially focusing on two foremost modelling tools – known around the world by the acronyms EPA SWMM and EPANET,” states Dr, Charles Rowney.

CharlesRowney_2016_120pDr. Rowney is the Director of Operations for He is also a Board member of the Urban Watersheds Research Institute and a Research Fellow at the University of Texas. In addition, Dr. Rowney is the Scientific Authority for the Partnership for Water Sustainability and its Water Balance family of modelling tools.

“We will certainly tap into the Water Balance Model experience as the Center explores options for SWMM and EPANET deployment beyond the desktop.

“The Partnership understanding of hydrology and watershed management issues in the Pacific Northwest provides some intriguing insights into new diagnostics, targets and interpretation needs for watersheds, and the tools we develop will very likely need to embrace those ideas.”

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Download Cross-border collaboration would enhance water resources research and practice in North America: Moving Towards “Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management” in British Columbia to read the complete story.