FLASHBACK TO 2011: Nature in BC’s Lower Mainland offers $5.4 billion annually in economic benefits, concludes report by Suzuki Foundation

Recognizing the Value of Nature

British Columbia.’s Lower Mainland provides natural benefits in the order of $5.4 billion a year, or close to $2500 per person annually, according to a study released in November 2010 by the David Suzuki Foundation and Pacific Parklands Foundation.

The report examines the extent of natural capital — the forests, fields, wetlands and other ecosystems — in the Lower Mainland region and its watersheds, and for the first time estimates economic values for the benefits these ecosystems provide.

“Nature provides these services for free, but the benefits can no longer be ignored,” said David Suzuki Foundation science director Faisal Moola. “This study shows that it is time to start accounting for the economic value of nature’s benefits in how we manage the growth of our towns and cities.” 

The study is a first step towards a more comprehensive accounting of natural capital assets in the region and provides a framework for similar studies across Canada.

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Download Natural Capital in BC’s Lower Mainland: Valuing the Benefits from Nature to read a copy of the study.

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