2015 Water Balance Forum: Water Balance Express for Landowners integrates & balances 3 watershed targets (YouTube Video) – “The volume-based approach being implemented in British Columbia picks up the baton that Dr. Ray Linsley started more than a generation ago,” wrote Dr. Thomas Debo in an article published in 2003

Note to Reader:

The agenda for the half-day forum was structured in four parts. 

Segment #2 showcased the Water Balance Express for Landowners. It was organized in three units: Context, Intent and Results.

Kim Stephens presented the first part which dealt with Context and Intent. Watch video below. Ted van der Gulik then did an online demonstration to illustrate Results.


About the Water Balance Express

“We invited Water Balance Partners to join us for the unveiling of the Water Balance Express for Landowners – for North Vancouver District, Surrey and Coquitlam,” states Kim Stephens, Executive Director, Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC.

3_kim-stephens-in-australia_aug2016_dsc_0242_120p“A watershed is an integrated system, is infrastructure, and is an asset that provides municipal services at a lower life-cycle cost than do engineered assets.”

“More specifically, the three pathways by which rainfall reaches streams provide ‘water balance services’. This is the reason for establishing performance targets for all three.”

“The Express helps landowners to do their part to meet pre-set Water Balance targets,” concludes Kim Stephens.

To Learn More:

Download Water Balance Express for Landowners – context and intent to view a PDF copy of the complete PowerPoint presentation by Kim Stephens.

Legend and Legacy of Ray Linsley (1917-1990): Connecting the Dots to British Columbia’s Approach to “Mimic the Water Balance”