DOWNLOAD: The Climate in BC is changing – What happens on the land does matter!


Wetter, Warmer Winters;
Longer, Drier Summers

“The drought that extended this past winter, spring and summer from Vancouver Island to Manitoba and from Mexico to the Yukon suggests we may be crossing an invisible threshold into a different hydro-meteorological regime in Western North America. This would have huge consequences for water security,” stated Bob Sandford in 2015.

He was the keynote speaker for the Feast AND Famine Workshop organized by the Partnership for Water Sustainability  less than a month after the Water Balance Partners Forum.

Feast AND Famine

“After a period of relative hydro-climatic stability, changes in the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere have resulted in the acceleration of the global hydrologic cycle with huge implications for every region of the world and every sector of the global economy,” he added.

“We can expect deeper, more persistent drought punctuated by flooding. It is interesting to think about how these kinds of changes make historic averages meaningless.”

To Learn More:

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Look at Watersheds as Whole Systems

The Partnership produced a flyer to describe on a single page the elements of a whole systems approach to protection, management and restoration of urban watersheds.

The branding for this approach is Sustainable Watershed Systems, through Asset Management.

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