FLOWnGROW WORKSHOP: “We all live on one fragile planet that demands our collective respect,” stated Bob McDonald, host of the ‘Quirks & Quarks’ science show on CBC radio

Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald

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An all-star team of presenters was headlined by CBC’s Bob McDonald. A fixture in radio and television broadcasting for more than 30 years, Bob McDonald is currently the host of Quirks & Quarks–the award-winning science program that is heard by 500,000 people each week.

As a writer, he has authored four bestselling science books, and contributed to numerous textbooks, magazines, and newspapers. He holds eight honorary doctorates from Canadian universities. 

Below is the video of Bob McDonald’s energizing and inspiring “call to action” at the FLOWnGROW workshop, held in Kelowna and organized by the Partnership for Water Sustainability in collaboration with the Irrigation Industry Association and the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

Perspectives on a Planet

Eric Bonham_2012_120p“Bob McDonald’s opening talk ‘Water from a Global Perspective and Beyond’ reminded us all, in no uncertain terms, that we all live on one fragile planet that demands our collective respect,” observed Eric Bonham, founding member of the Partnership for Water Sustainability, and moderator for Workshop Module A (Spirit & Science – An Inclusive Journey).

This is It!

module-a_1972-photo-from-space“It becomes obvious then that  the challenge of climate change now demands a level of collaboration and commitment heretofore unseen. The big question is: are we collectively up for it?”

“When Bob shared the first photograph of earth taken in 1972, showing that little ball we call home hurtling around in space, it put in perspective once again how idiotic and insane our endless squabbling on earth truly is.”

“I say that with purpose, because it needs something outside of ourselves to get the message, and Bob provided that with his talk, further reminding us how important it was to be guardians of that limited and precious resource… fresh water, the subject of the workshop.”

Closing Reflections

bob-mcdonald4_trimmed_120p“The Okanagan is a desert. As soon as people living there realize that, and stop living a California lifestyle, they will treat water as the truly rare commodity it actually is,” stated Bob McDonald when he provided his closing reflections on what he saw as an important takeaway from the workshop.

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Watch the video of Bob McDonald’s closing reflections on what he saw as an important takeaway from the workshop: