Metro Vancouver Agricultural Water Forum: Opening Remarks by Harold Steves, Metro Vancouver Regional District Director & City of Richmond Councillor (Nov 2016)

Note to Reader:

The Metro Vancouver Agriculture Water Forum was co-hosted by Metro Vancouver, BC Ministry of Agriculture, the Partnership for Water Sustainability, BC Agriculture Council and Kwantlen Polytechic University. City of Richmond Councillor and Regional Director Harold Steves, on behalf of the Metro Vancouver Regional Board, welcomed attendees to the Forum.

harold-steves_metro-van-ag-water-forum_nov2016_500pHarold Steves is a long-time farmer and a voice for agriculture at the Metro Vancouver regional table. He represents Richmond on the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors and is a member of the Regional Planning, Climate Action and Utilities Standing Committees.

Harold Steves has also served on Richmond City Council continuously since 1977 and is one of the founders of the Agricultural Land Reserve. A former Richmond school teacher, Harold operates the family farm in Steveston.

On Securing a Water Supply for Agriculture in Metro Vancouver

“On behalf of the Metro Vancouver Board and the partner organizations hosting this event, I’d like to welcome you to the Agriculture Water Forum.”

“The Metro Vancouver Agricultural Advisory Committee raised the idea of a water forum last year to help ensure an adequate and affordable water supply that is essential for long term food security in this region.”

“At today’s forum we will share information on government roles and the water regulatory framework for agriculture in this region, hear the farmers’ perspective on the water supply and discover tools to help reduce water demand.”

“Most importantly this forum provides an opportunity to explore ways to improve water management for agriculture for the future.”

“Planning now is essential to secure a water supply for agriculture as our climate changes and the need to adapt to future conditions become an imperative.”

“This forum is an important step to improve collaboration among provincial agencies, local governments and the agricultural community and with your input, we can secure water for farming over the long term,” concluded Harold Steves.